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Financial Institutions

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We are the leading provider of integrated security services and solutions for Canada’s trusted Financial Institutions. We understand the concerns and challenges your company faces, which is why we stay one step ahead of impending risk to keep your facility, employees, financial and intellectual assets safe and secure. Our dedicated enterprise team provides unparalleled support and best practices for delivering a consistent and reliable security solution to all your branches and corporate offices.

Customized Security Solutions for the Financial Industry

Our partners can expect to see the following benefits from collaborating with Allied Universal®:

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Our partners benefit from the advantages of working with Allied Universal:

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  • Unprecedented transparency and accountability: Insight into our services delivered through local team connects, regularly operational business reviews, and elevated technology delivering meaningful analytics.
  • Ease of doing business: Devoted branch leaders, service managers, operations managers, trainers, and recruiters backed by a team or North American support services and experienced scheduling and payroll systems.
  • The best hires: Expansive recruiting network and sophisticated hiring tools to support you with the right, qualified staff for your building security services.
  • Customer Service Focused: Not only does our high visibility team provide peace of mind, helping to reduce incidents, but we provide customer-service focused training to ensure that the team on-site represents your brand with unparalleled professionalism.
  • Health & Safety First: As you should expect from a security company, we put health & safety at the forefront of our business. Our goal is to get everyone home safely at the end of the night.


Allied Universal

Subject Matter Experts


We have been the trusted advisor to many of Canada’s leading financial institutions for years. We have seen them through environmental, health and financial challenges and have stood strong in the face of increased threat. When we say we can be counted on to deliver on our promise of a first-class security solution, we do so with the knowledge that we know the financial industry and its unique challenges.

Your Allied Universal® team will use that knowledge to remain focused on providing a comprehensive list of bank security services and financial solutions specifically tailored to your business environment and needs. We continuously evolve and evaluate our procedures and protocols and we know where we can provide help and insight.


Customer Service


Provide a concierge welcoming presence for your clients and visitors specifically trained and selected for financial environments.



Keep your business safe and secure while helping to mitigate risk while safeguarding you and your customer’s assets by having a physical and visible presence



We provide you with security professionals who are trained in security challenges unique to financial institutions, looking at situational awareness, bank robbery procedures, identifying potential crimes such as physical ATM breaches or potential threats.