Intelligence-Driven Security Workforce Management Technology

Stay Ahead of Security Risk with HELIAUS®

The predictive and prescriptive HELIAUS® technology platform transforms security workforce management to align insight with actions that better protect people, businesses, and communities. HELIAUS® integrated security controls provide greater visibility to site conditions and enhance Security Professionals’ ability to quickly and effectively respond to, manage, and report hazards. HELIAUS® innovates intelligence-driven security workforce management software by providing the tools and information that enable security teams to work smarter and coordinate better.

HELIAUS® is a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solution that goes beyond the outmoded "detect and respond" model of risk management. More than just a tour or incident management system, HELIAUS® is a comprehensive workforce management solution that uses powerful algorithms to generate risk-adverse recommendations to keep your security professionals connected and engaged, situationally informed, and armed with the right recommendations to effectively create safer, more secure environments.